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Industry Updates


► The feature film “Don’t Wake Mommy” that I had a supporting role in just aired on Lifetime.

► Working on a web series “Sources Say”.

► Feature that I worked on “Uploaded” set to release later this year, stay tuned!

► Working on a new feature “The Element of Spirit”.

► Casting Director Elise from “Piles” said, "I love your bubbly and positive personality which you were able to bring into the character. You were believable and didn’t try to be funny. Instead, the comedy came out naturally.”

► Callback for the film “30 Days to Say Goodbye”.

► The director for the ITV Pilot, Hildie Katibah, said “I really thought that was real. An Oscar winning performance!"

► Be sure to check out my interview with Take Hollywood! Click here

► I am the lead in "Branson the Sitcom" at the Hollywood Fringe Festival and just shot a VH1 Pilot. I also completed ADR on the featured film “Joe Dirt 2”.

► I just won the "Take Hollywood" Contest #THActOut. My monologue can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PklNPwDK_SI

► VH1 producer Biagio Messina said: "loved your comedy reel, you also owned the Pilot role and gave it variety!".

► Don’t Wake Mommy director Chris Sivertson said “you made the scene your own and it is very funny and impressive!".

► Casting Director Richard De Lancy said: "you are amazing at improving and can roll with anything”.

► MTV producer Mark Landsman for Catfish: The Untold Stories said: "you are great at improvising and everyone can follow your lead on set!".

► Digital Moon Productions William Sweezer Jankular said: "you are very naturally funny".

► Branson the Sitcom director and writer Sam Burkett said: "you carry the entire production!” and “I wouldn’t know what to do without you!”.